Tibet is a place that is a synonym for what you call mystique and magical. The culture, natural beauty, charm, traditions and moreover, the hospitality of this place makes you feel at home. Mount Kailash, supposed home of Lord Shiva, stands tall like a crown on the place’s head, showing its magnificence to the world. You can see people here chanting Buddhist scriptures, swaying prayer wheels.

Worth visiting sites in Tibet includes the majestic Potala Palace, the grandiose Jokhang Temple, the busy Barkhor Street, the highest mountain in the world (  Everest ), the holy lake Namtso, the sacred Mt. Kailash, etc. For many travelers, Tibet is the one and the only paradise in the world which is not able to be replaced. 

About Tibet

Tibet being extremely remote isolated by the most formidable Himalayas ranges, remains still one of the most captivating . ...

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Weather and Climate

Tibet plateau is regarded as the "roof of the world" with an average altitude of over 4000m, due to high altitude in Tibet the temperature is usually lower. ...

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Visa & Travel Permit

Tibet Travel Permit is the essential paper document issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. You will be checked when you board a train/plane to Tibet. ...

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Culture, Cusine and Clothing

As a member of the great family of the Chinese nation, Tibetan people have created and developed a distinctive culture in the long history ...

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Major Festivals

Tibetan people call Tibetan New Year “Losar”. Losar is not one word in the Tibetan language. Actually, it consists of two Tibetan words -  ...

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Getting to Tibet

With the development of transportation, more and more vehicles are available for travellers who want to travel to Tibet, such as train, airplane, bike, etc ...

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Best time to visit Tibet

Tibet is a place you can visit all year round, except for mid-February to March when Tibet will close for foreigners due to the Chinese and Tibetan New Year. ...

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As we all know, the facilities and service levels of hotels in Tibet are lower than those of other big cities in Mainland China as Tibet is a plateau area. ...

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Tourist Attractions

Located in the southwest of Qinghai-Tibet plateau, Tibet Autonomous Region is a pearl shining on earth. You can see people ...

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